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Incapacitants – Zashikiwarashi Effect (Ljud and Bild Produktion) 2012

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Who new that Incapacitants were quietly sneaking out a few releases last year of their own brand of uncompromising extreme noise, I  kind of lost track of them after dabbling with the better than the reviews would have you believe  Lon Guy that came out on Harbinger Sound in 2009.  Lon Guy was pretty full on and it firmly planted Incapacitants at the unrelenting extremity of Japanese Noise.

It is for this reason that people should approach records like Zashikiwarashi with some caution. There is no concept of compromise on display here. There are absolutely no recognisable musical forms, no beats, no identifiable instrumentation. Indeed there is absolutely no concession to the listener at all.

This is pure noise; harsh, ugly, nauseating  ear drum abusing nastiness. The five tracks on offer here offer the listener the evil, primal scream therapy oftwo salarymen who are both exhausted and inebriated on Sapporo and sake.

This is not one for the faint hearted. If you decide to track this down, don’t say you weren’t warned. Shit just got real (ugly).

Incapacitants – Burning Orange (Pica Disk) 2007

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Salarymen by day, noise gods by night. Incapacitants have a huge following in the noise community and this excellent release by Lasse Marhaug’s shows why. This disc showcases two sets the band performed as Norway’s All Ears Festival in 2006. Both sets are blistering noise and sonic maelstrom. There are obvious parallels with Merzbow’s unrelenting work of the mid-1990’s. The first set is the band alone and aside form a little vocalisation gibberish at the beginning it follows an unrelentless path of noise bastardry. The second track features an additional player, Tommi Keranen who was invited to play with the duo by Marhaug himself. I prefer it to the first track for the only reason that it is better recorded and had a clarity that the first track lacks. Keranen also writes the liner notes which are a cracking good read about his experiences on the night.

Catharsis is a word I have used rarely on this blog because it is so very overused but you know what? This is totally fucking cathartic. What I’d give to see these two live.

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