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Jazkamer – Art Breaker (Smalltown Superjazz) 2008

Posted in Jazkamer, Music, noise with tags , , , on January 26, 2010 by noisenoisenoise

I’m not a huge Jazkamer aficionado. I’ve nibbled at the edges of Scandinavian noise but I’ve never truly embraced it. Well in the last couple of days my back has been spasming like a motherfucker and my resultant physical inactivity  means that I’ve had a chance to actively listen to the three records of their’s that I own. Jazkamer are a core duo of John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug. On Art Breaker they are also joined by Iver Sandoy. I don’t now that much about Hegre but any noise jerk has probably come across Marhaug’s name in their travels. The thing about Jazkamer is that they may be one of the most diverse noise acts out there. I’ll be posting on a couple of their records in the next couple of weeks  but I decided that I’d start with Art Breaker for no other reason than because it is the easiest. What Art Breaker delivers is a noise artists version of Grindcore. There are 58 tracks on Art Breaker . The longest is nearly two minutes the shortest is 5 seconds. Only six of the tracks are over 30 seconds in length. And it is fun, fun, fun. It’s just mad. Almost like  a more ferocious Napalm Death with a Merzbow fixation.  A word of warning though, if you’re not open to all forms of experimental noise then you may want to do some research before   picking a Jazkamer record to dabble with.  The three records I’ve heard are so different from each other you’d think that they were made by different artists. I like them all but for very, very different reasons.

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