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Wolves in the Throne Room – Black Cascade (Southern Lord) 2009

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I don’t get Black Metal. Never have. Yet I really like this. I’m just not sure whether I’m supposed to laugh or paint my face white and fuck a corpse. I mean it’s just so fucking camp, singing in those demon guttural howls about norse gods and such nonsense. Laugh? I nearly wet myself. But I love this record, probably for all the wrong reasons but it pushes all my buttons. ┬áIt’s chock full off ooga-booga, screamy vocals over a soundtrack of gothic post-rock metal. Can’t get enough of this at the moment. I mean I just can’t compare it to other black metal because its a genre I don’t really listen to. I’ve got a crap load of Sunn O))) records but some of those are generally frightening and I think doom kinda took over from this melody friendly black metal. Maybe a better term would be post metal. Then we can throw in Pelican and Isis in with this bunch to describe a frightening intelligent and melodic form of -rock heaviness. Fun.

Earth – Earth 2 (Sub Pop) 1993

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Every genre has a defining album. The sort of record that every band that followed owed allegience to. Earth 2 in the doom/sludge world is not merely worshipped but holds the malevolent DNA spliced by SunnO)))), Melvins and Boris. Post- Punk had Pink Flag, Shoegazing had Nowhere, New Wave had Parrallel Lines and Doom has Earth 2. I listened to Melvins, SunnO)))) and Boris before I had ever heard Earth 2 and perhaps I did things in the wrong order because Earth 2, to me, just sounds ……. well ……. OK. I mean kudos and all that to Earth for defining a genre but Earth 2 is a bit like early Throbbing Gristle, ground breaking in it’s day but it just hasn’t aged very well. My principal complaint is the production. It’s fucking awful.

For those of you who don’t know, Doom is a genre of metal, which to rip off another review, is “Black Sabbath played very slowly”. Oh and without vocals or drums or any resemblance to their head banging brethren. The huge guitar riffs that define Doom are monstrous. They obliterate all before them before being consumed themselves by the next riff. Its a big sludgy, claustrophobic noise where the idea of “song” is neither present nor relevant. Earth 2 does all of these things really well and listening to this record casts records by SunnO)))) in a totally new light. But to really get the full effect of the Doom sound the production has to be right and on this it is simply not. The recording feels furry and the effect, as a result, blunted. It misses the shear, unrelenting power of those that came after but as the seed that starts one of my favourite genres, Earth 2 is an interesting listen.

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