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Drexciya – Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller I (Clone Classic Cuts) 2011

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At the end of 2011 this popped out through an obscure Dutch label. Techno/Electronica is not something  I usually don’t post on Techno but it is something that  I listen to a shit load. I need white noise when I work to achieve anything. It helps me concentrate  and is probably one of the reasons I like noise so much. But when I put on Surgeon, Basic Channel, Robert Mills,Robert Hood, Luciano, Zomby, Rustie, Vladislav Delay and Gas my productivity goes through the roof. Yet I don’t think I’ve been any more productive in the past ten years than when I chucked this on the ipod.

Drexciya has been mythologised in the past ten years in the same manner in which they created a myth around their own work. When they first released their records on labels like Tresor and Underground Resistance, the people behind the band were a mystery. The mythology was that Drexciya was an underwater Atlantis type city full of people  who were the unborn babies of the pregnant African slaves that were thrown overboard on their way to America. The theme of the underwater city flows through all of the tracks on Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller which in its self is combined tracks from many of the band’s EP’s which have been unfairly out of print for years and exceedingly difficult to come by.   The tracks are placed here without the context of their original EP’s in a non-chronological order and if I hadn’t known that I would have been none the wiser. I love stuff like this and this is one of the best compilations released last year. I’m a bit excited that this is merely the first instalment of a series of Drexciya compilations. Bring it on.

GAS – Nah Und Fern (Kompakt) 2008

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There were some great compilations I managed to track down last year and this, by far, is the best of them. GAS were a german ambient-minimalist techno group doing their thing in the late 1990’s. I first became aware of them as I guess many did when head Kompakt honcho Wolfgang Voight made it on to the cover of The Wire. I dismissed ever listening to GAS at the time because if I’m honest Voight just had one of those dodgy Euro-track haircuts that screamed that his thing probably wasn’t going to be my thing. But fast forward six months and I’ve become a sucker for minimalist techno and I decided to track it down.  I don’t know why it it works for me so well because as music it’s almost barely there but when I turn it off I realise that my whole space has been awash with the most sublime  beats that their absence is as noticeable as turning off Merzbow mid scree. Nah Und fern is a compilation of all four albums they produced but which had iunfortunately gone out of print. The four albums in question are GAS, Zauberberg, Konigsforest and Pop. I don’t have a favourite between them but if you have any desire to hear techno as art then you should get this. 

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